Are you looking for the perfect team to construct your new retaining wall? Look no further than the experienced crew at Strickland Stone. We are proud to be one of the largest retaining wall construction service providers in the entire Treasure Valley. For decades, we have been building walls with custom dimensions to suit our clients’ needs. However, keep in mind that walls over 4 feet must be engineered first to ensure structural stability. Our process involves a crane truck to help with stone placement and includes fabric, drain pipe, and drain rock for utility. We are efficient in retaining walls, but the project time all depends on how many facial feet we are working on completing. If you’re curious about constructing a wall on your property, speak with us today.

Purposes for Rock Walls

People get retaining walls built on their property for any number of reasons. Whether it’s to fight erosion or simply to add some dimension to an entrance, retaining wall installation is very popular among landscaping enthusiasts.

  • Create level surface for landscaping
  • Manage water runoff
  • Provide additional seating
  • Control erosion
  • Design stunning landscape features

Professional Quality Builds

Constructing stone walls is a lot more involved than it looks. A large part of the process is finding the right stones and placing them correctly with each other. Another factor that must be considered is the sheer weight of these stones. If you’re interested in building a retaining wall on your property, consider reaching out to the professionals for a smooth and effective process. We will follow your creative instruction and install your ideal retaining wall.