If you're looking for landscape rock of all kinds in all sizes and shapes, there is no better supplier in the Treasure Valley than Strickland. Their yard is an ever changing bounty of beautiful rocks sourced from several western states, including my favorites moss rocks. The stellar landscape contractor (Sterling) who installed our landscape plan used this source for boulders big and less big throughout our yard, including for water feature install at the back. They also drilled out a split smaller boulder to use in the front as a "birdbath bubbler" rock. If that is what you have in mind, Strickland has boulders of all sizes that are the right shape to do this. They also have on site some real stone benches that they've assembled and can make others from stone in the yard. And they were so nice when we went back on our own to find just one more perfect smaller boulder this week that the landscape contractor graciously offered to dig in for us in a spot in our front planting berm that was calling out to me to add this very boulder-ette to it. Roll on over to check out this supplier. They rock! Michele R.
Eagle, ID